Dedicated email

Capture the attention of your customer

Put your message in the spotlight. With dedicated email, influencers, and trendsetters promote your brand.

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What is dedicated email?

A promotional email sent by a publisher on your behalf. Dedicated emails are entirely devoted to an advertiser message, unlike a sponsored email, which contains an ad alongside regular newsletter content.

Paved connects publishers directly to advertisers, without having to go through an affiliate network. This really works for us.

Working with Paved has been great! They send us top-quality sponsors and respond quickly to any requests we have.

Find new customers

Hit your customer acquisition goals with dedicated email blasts that target a specific audience with a coupon code or special offer. Track your email opens and clicks to gain instant insights into your dedicated email campaigns.

Publishers with this ad format

more leads

Looking to exceed your lead-gen goals? Use dedicated email blasts to acquire leads through gated content or landing pages aimed at your target audience. Easily determine which newsletters perform best and schedule future sends with similar publishers.