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"It's been an absolute pleasure! Paved really streamlines the entire process, from start to finish, and is always there for support."

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An efficient platform to manage your sponsorships


Keep track
of bookings

See all your requests, bookings, and ongoing sponsorships in one dashboard.


Set price and

Set and change prices at any time, choose how you work with advertisers.


Easy creative

Creatives get uploaded according to the requirements you set in advance. 


Get paid
on time

Paved handles all invoices, I/Os reporting, and payouts on your behalf.

NATIVE email sponsorships

The Marketplace

Where hundreds of advertisers discover your publication. Get sponsorship requests from relevant brands that align with your audience.

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The Ad Network

Native ads driven by programmatic technology. Paved delivers relevant ads to subscribers based on newsletter content and subscriber interests.

Globally compliant with all privacy laws including GDPR, and CCPA.

Flexible ad formats

Mix and match sponsorship types to diversify your revenue streams.

Sponsored email ads

Native email ads look like part of your regular newsletter. They include a small *sponsored tag.

Dedicated email sponsorships

An e-blast sent on behalf of advertisers to your entire subscriber list or a segment.

Sponsored blog posts

Post quality content on your blog on behalf of advertisers. Written by you or advertisers.

Programmatic ads

Never send without earning revenue again. Native, targeted ads served based on subscriber interest and newsletter topic.

"Paved makes sure that I have what I need to successfully run the partnership and it has been a lovely experience."

Nest Labs testimony of Paved

Attract premium advertisers

Sponsored content is valuable content. Book sponsorships with high-quality advertisers that your readers trust. 

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GDPR & CCPA Compliant

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Advertisers send you campaign requests. Accept or reject at your discretion.

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Receive creatives quickly, or use programmatic tech to easily fill spare ad inventory.

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Paved handles all invoicing, I/Os, contracts, and payouts. Funds available monthly.

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We don't share information with advertisers. Stay in total control of your data.

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Find answers to specific questions about getting started, accepting your first campaign, and more.

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