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Top technology newsletters

600,000 subscribers
SourceForge's newsletter is tailored towards IT professionals, offering exclusive deals and software. The audience is made up of IT professionals interested in free and open source software and dev...
Bloomberg (Fully Charged from Bloomberg Technology)
162,242 subscribers
Bloomberg's Fully Charged newsletter delivers exclusive insights from Bloomberg's technology reporters around the world. The audience is made up of professionals, and business executives interested...
IDG Tech Talk: The Future of Work
10,000 subscribers
IDG Tech Talk's newsletter contains news and insights around the future of work. The audience is made up of 20% managers, 14% directors, 8% CIOs, 8% CEOs and 5% Vice Presidents.
33,000 subscribers
AppleInsider's newsletter is a rundown of the most interesting and news-worthy Apple-related stories of the week. The audience is primarily Apple consumers and people interested in technology.
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The best technology newsletter for gaming
GamesRadar+'s newsletter keeps users informed on the latest games, movies, and TV shows. The audience is made up of gamers and entertainment fans who want to learn about the latest news.
The best technology newsletter for startups
Future Startup
Future Startup's newsletter covers everything about startups and technology in Bangladesh. The audience is made up of business and technology leaders, mostly based in Bangladesh but international in taste and consumption.
The best technology newsletter for apps
appPicker's newsletter helps iPhone and iPad users find the best apps for their mobile devices. The audience is passionate about technology and mobile phones.

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10 Things to Know About Running Newsletter Advertising Through Paved

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Best Newsletters for Advertisers in 2022

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